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Name: You can call me Polyrhythm
Age: 19
Residence: England
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Family: At home it's just me, my mother and my stepfather. I have a stepbrother and a stepsister too, but they live elsewhere.
Favourite Styles of Lolita: Classic and Sweet (not too OTT though! Deco looks nice on other people, but I tend to prefer darker, more subdued prints).
Musical Taste: Honestly, I'll give anything a shot. There isn't really a style of music I dislike.
Job: I work in office admin, and enjoy it a fair bit. Other than that I'm soon to be a university student (just waiting for the Accommodation contract now), taking a BA in Visual Communication.
Hobbies: I read and keep an art journal. I like to take walks. I also play the recorder. *dork* In the winter I like to knit, helps get me in the mood for Christmas.
Life Goals: I'd love to make people happy with the artwork I create (and make a decent living from it, too). :)
Say Anything: Anyone else here over from LJ? I know a lot of people are migrating to DW or at least setting up backup accounts due to the situation with LJ, Facebook and Twitter. Taking a look at the members' list, there are a couple names I recognise :3

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It's good to find a elg community here ^^

Name: Mariana (but call me Ends)
Age: 20
Residence: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Relationship Status: Single
Family: My mother and my friends.
Favourite Styles of Lolita: Punk , gothic, sweet.
Musical Taste: Alternative, rock, classic.
Job: art student (that is a job for a life time)
Hobbies: BJD (I have two), reading, writing, paiting, drawing, sims 2, doujinshi
Life Goals:I want to be an artist ^^
Say Anything: I can only think right when I'm walking.
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I'm glad to have found a DW lolita community (though it's rather a pity it's not too active-- hopefully that will change, and soon!).

Name: Cimone
Age: 18
Residence: Western US (divided between CA & AZ)
Relationship Status: Single
Family: Two parents, two younger brothers, and a younger sister.
Favourite Styles of Lolita: Classic and sweet.
Musical Taste: Any- and everything-- though I'm currently obsessed with Death from Above 1979, Mudhoney, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Goldfrapp, and Olivia Lufkin
Job: Full-time student (currently majouring in philosophy, anthropology, and chemistry. Yes, all three. And yes, simultaneously.)
Hobbies: Crafts, writing, and reading.
Life Goals: To be happy, and to not compromise my (dubious) morals.
Say Anything: I have grown up to be the princess I wanted to be as a young child-- and how many people can say that? ;]

Intro post

Jun. 9th, 2009 01:37 pm
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Name: Kiri

Age: 45 *dies*

Residence: San Francisco

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Not close

Favourite Styles of Lolita: I like the classic lolita styles and aristocrat the best, I have been trying to do this off and on since 1999 (yes, really) but back then I was more of a lolita-ish fruitsy person. I am very very fond of pink, but not particularly fond of wearing pictures of food or of teddy bears. I have threatened to invent Sweet Aristocrat often. I also like to mix things up. I am a plus-size girl (and while I am losing weight, will probably never be smaller than a 12), so I wear a lot of non-Japanese brand items (F+F, ITS, commissions) and coordinating items that I find outside of lolita brands. Also I am one of those people who is into steampunk and granny boots.

Musical Taste: Extremely eclectic. My favourite singer ever was Ozaki Yutaka but I am not one of those people who only listens to Japanese music--I like classic rock, country music, some alternative,, folk, and some of almost everything else.

Job: Administrative assistant at a teaching hospital.

Hobbies: Writing (rpgs, fanfiction, original fiction), fandom in general, fashion.

Life Goals: To publish my writing, have a fantastic wardrobe and home, and maybe find someone who appreciates me for who I am.

Say Anything: I'm glad to see EGL on DW. I hope that it grows here but still stays nice.

Have some terrible self-taken pictures of me from Baycon... )
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Name: Tabby
Age: 20
Residence: UK Midlands
Relationship Status: Taken
Family: Not really.. ^^;
Favourite Styles of Lolita: Sweet (on me), EGA (on my gf :3), and both on anyone else because of the general prettiness. :)
Musical Taste: Orbital, Portishead, Nitin Sawhney, Radiohead, Adam Freeland, Turin Breaks..
Job: Costuming student! :D It's as fun as it sounds.
Hobbies: Sewing, jitsu, juggling, gaming, anime, reading, cooking
Life Goals: To set up my own little sewing business, and generally be happy and loved.
Say Anything: I'll admit, I'm doing this partially to procrastinate on an essay. XP I should really get back to that now..

Anyway, hi everyone! *wave*
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Somehow I find a non-existent community less intimidating than [ profile] egl orz. I'm not actually a rori yet, considering I'm just kind of...looking into the whole culture? I'd love to dress in rori though ♥. I was enticed by the giant Alice bows and the fact that dresses had CAKES on them omg...XD;;.

Behind the cut :3! )

Hope to get to know everyone ♥
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Since there isn't much else going on in the community right now, I may as well post my own introduction.

me, plain and simple )
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Ladies and Gentleman, please allow me to make an introduction.

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