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Hoping to see more activity here. This is my first time posting to dreamwidth, so please bear with me if I screw up the html.
This is a review for blouse L373, skirt L325, and headband Acc664.

All prices are in US dollars.
I placed the order Dec. 29 and received it Jan 12. It was shipped to the US via AIR for $5.
Bodyline Shipping and Communication:
Aside from the e-mail confirming my payment, I had no communication from Bodyline. They didn't tell me when my package was sent; they didn't send me a tracking number. The package was sent in the standard Bodyline bag.
There was a tear which went all the way through the bag. Fortunately, all the items were individually packaged, so none of them were damaged. There was a fragile sticker on the back of the bag. Nice, but, I think, unnecessary.
Overall: 3/5

Both the skirt and the blouse were packaged in the standard Bodyline heart bags. I didn't bother to photograph them. They're both wrinkled, but I was too lazy to iron them today.

The blouse:
I got this because I needed a short-sleeved white blouse. It's labeled off-white, but it looks white to me.


The neckbow is a seperate piece, so the blouse can be worn without it.

The fabric is a polyester blend. It's thin, but not really see-through. It's kind of stiff and crinkly. I'm hoping it will soften with use. The lace is a synthetic embroidered netting lace. Innocent World uses the same kind of lace on a lot of their stuff, but this isn't as good of quality as IW. It's frayed in several places. Most of the button holes weren't completely cut. This is easy to fix, but a little annoying. The seam where the lace was stitched down inside the sleeve isn't covered, so it feels kind of scratchy.
It doesn't bother me enough to make the blouse unwearable, but it is a little annoying. I'm considering sewing bias tape or something over it.
A few nice things you can't see in the stock photo: The buttons are rose-shaped. Pretty! There is an extra button sewed to the tag in case you lose one. There are loops, like belt-loops, around the collar to hold the neckbow in place.

Fit: I have 75 cm waist and a 89 cm bust, so I was a little torn about which size to get. I got the 2L, and I'm glad I did. It's a little loose it the waist, but fine otherwise. I think the M would have been too tight.

Overall: 2.5/5 It's wearable, but for $55 I would have liked something nicer. I have bought nicer shirts at the mall for half that price.

The skirt:
I think this is an Atelier Pierrot replica. I love corset skirts but have never been able to find a brand one that fits me. I got it in beige.



The fabric is light-weight, but not too thin. The corset part contains boning which I assume to be plastic. The grommets appear to be sturdy. The lace is good quality. :) The ribbon is generic satin ribbon, but it could be easily replaced.

There is a hidden zipper in the side which doesn't show in the stock photos:

Fit: I got the 2L. It's a little big on me, but I think that can be fixed by tightening the lacing.

Overall: 4.5/5 There are a few small flaws in the sewing.

The headband:
I got this to match the skirt, because I didn't have anything in beige. It's actually a lighter color than the skirt, but I think that's because the flowers are made of sheer material. It just came in a plastic bag. I was afraid the flowers would get squashed in shipping, but they seem fine.



You can see that there are some hot-glue strings. Easy to cut off, but not the best. The construction on this thing isn't super sturdy. The bottom is just glued on, the flowers are loosely stitched together. I think it's sturdy enough to wear, but it wouldn't stand up to much abuse.

The label says hand made. I loled. Hand hot-glued together I'm sure. The headband is steel. It has grosgrain ribbon over the ends, so they don't dig into you head. The headband might be a little small for big-headed lolitas, but I think you could pull the flower part off without damaging it if you wanted to put it on a bigger headband or hair-clip.
Overall: 4/5 For $7, I wasn't expecting Brand.

Quick worn pic:
I'm wearing a malco modes 582 petticoat under the skirt.

Date: 2012-01-14 04:39 am (UTC)
chibimuse: mabel from gravity falls pointing a grappling gun (Default)
From: [personal profile] chibimuse
This is a great classic look, The skirt seems like a good deal.

Date: 2012-01-22 06:03 am (UTC)
tiferet: cute girl in pink dress captioned "not all bad girls wear black" (Default)
From: [personal profile] tiferet
You look really cute!

I wish I could wear Bodyline but I just can't. I have dresses from Baby and IW that fit me fine and a Meta skirt, ditto, but for some reason even Bodyline's 4L is too small for me, which I just don't get.

I wear their shoes though :)

Date: 2012-01-22 09:44 am (UTC)
tiferet: cute girl in pink dress captioned "not all bad girls wear black" (Default)
From: [personal profile] tiferet
It is really weird! But I have a 112 bust and a 96 waist, and I guess they are like AP in that their full shirring goes to like 100-110. I have seen items on the BL site that went up to 5L and would fit me, but they were cosplay, not lolita.


Anyhow, some back-shirred IW goes up to 120 and some full-shirred IW goes up to 130, and my Baby dress is LL with partial shirring in the back and a zipper, so the waist part doesn't have to go over my bust, which is always the killer.

And I love my brand, but it would be nice to be able to buy dresses that cost less than brand occasionally.
Edited Date: 2012-01-22 09:45 am (UTC)


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