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Name: You can call me Polyrhythm
Age: 19
Residence: England
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Family: At home it's just me, my mother and my stepfather. I have a stepbrother and a stepsister too, but they live elsewhere.
Favourite Styles of Lolita: Classic and Sweet (not too OTT though! Deco looks nice on other people, but I tend to prefer darker, more subdued prints).
Musical Taste: Honestly, I'll give anything a shot. There isn't really a style of music I dislike.
Job: I work in office admin, and enjoy it a fair bit. Other than that I'm soon to be a university student (just waiting for the Accommodation contract now), taking a BA in Visual Communication.
Hobbies: I read and keep an art journal. I like to take walks. I also play the recorder. *dork* In the winter I like to knit, helps get me in the mood for Christmas.
Life Goals: I'd love to make people happy with the artwork I create (and make a decent living from it, too). :)
Say Anything: Anyone else here over from LJ? I know a lot of people are migrating to DW or at least setting up backup accounts due to the situation with LJ, Facebook and Twitter. Taking a look at the members' list, there are a couple names I recognise :3

Most recent one of me in loli I can find. *chuckle* Quite casual, as I'd had to do a lot of running about that day.
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