May. 28th, 2009

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Somehow I find a non-existent community less intimidating than [ profile] egl orz. I'm not actually a rori yet, considering I'm just kind of...looking into the whole culture? I'd love to dress in rori though ♥. I was enticed by the giant Alice bows and the fact that dresses had CAKES on them omg...XD;;.

Behind the cut :3! )

Hope to get to know everyone ♥
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Made a Banner for the community! ^_^ Please move to your own host if you want to pimp us out before posting it.

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Name: Tabby
Age: 20
Residence: UK Midlands
Relationship Status: Taken
Family: Not really.. ^^;
Favourite Styles of Lolita: Sweet (on me), EGA (on my gf :3), and both on anyone else because of the general prettiness. :)
Musical Taste: Orbital, Portishead, Nitin Sawhney, Radiohead, Adam Freeland, Turin Breaks..
Job: Costuming student! :D It's as fun as it sounds.
Hobbies: Sewing, jitsu, juggling, gaming, anime, reading, cooking
Life Goals: To set up my own little sewing business, and generally be happy and loved.
Say Anything: I'll admit, I'm doing this partially to procrastinate on an essay. XP I should really get back to that now..

Anyway, hi everyone! *wave*


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